Your Environment, The Final Setback

A space that you need to get out of is one which makes you feel trapped. The final setback needed to be your environment, it needed to be the one place that has a serious influence on how much you can achieve or even do. As much as the people around you can limit your ambitions, you’re environment can kill it.

You don’t really have a choice when it comes to where you’re born, however, you can choose if you’re going to stay there or leave. You don’t need a degree to see things for what they truly are. Sometimes you’re partly right, your location is holding you back, it’s stopping you from being the person that you know you can be and because of this you might be thinking of settling for mediocrity. You can do that if you want to, you have a choice however, you’re aware that you won’t do that. The end goal means more to you than you’re current situation and you know that this somewhat major setback can be dealt with.

How do you deal with something like you’re environment if it’s where you have everything? Maybe you’d like to start by defining or redefining what you mean when you say ‘everything,’ make sure that if you truly believe that there’s something worth staying for it means more to you than your end goal and you’ll never regret choosing it over that goal. A life of regret isn’t something that you’d like to live, a lot of people always mention things that they regret never doing and we don’t believe that you’d like to be one of those people, sitting on your porch reminiscing about how life could’ve been but isn’t so.

Your environment is your friends as well because they’re around you and it’s also any and everything that’s in your vicinity. Environments tend to have an atmosphere that suites them. They can be motivational or they can be toxic. If you’re in a place where you’re able to go to school and learn or even access the internet, then you seriously have no reason for making any excuses. It’s all about what you believe and if what you believe is that you’re going to achieve everything you’re looking to achieve and end up victorious, then where you are and who’s around you shouldn’t matter to you. Your mind is a very powerful tool and mastering it enables you to live happier and easier life.

Don’t allow your mind to play with you. This is the final setback and we say goodbye to the topic on setbacks and now we move forward to sacrifices that will need to be made.

We will return after 2 days and the stage series continues.

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