Your Circle, The Eighth Setback

This is when things become interesting and now you need to make decisions that can be very difficult. You’re aware of whom your circle consists of but you are you aware of how they influence you. When you look at the people in your circle, what do you really see?

Don’t move forward without thinking about that in depth. Ask yourself what the people around you are doing and if you want to be doing the same things that they are, ask yourself if you really admire the people that are around you, do you value yourself more when you’re around them and so on… Ask yourself any and every possible question that you can about the people that you keep around you, because they determine who you are to a great extent. You’re already someone who knows what they want and who’s looking to achieve all their goals, which means that you’re someone that’s determined as well. You should take pride in that.

Our belief is that you’ve already created a list of all your goals by now and placed them somewhere where everyone who enters your space can view them. You should’ve had a few people come into your space recently and they would’ve certainly seen those goals, although without you saying anything about them. Of all those people, has anyone said anything about working with you to achieve them and offered a way in which you can go about doing that or have they shown doubt through expressions and gone as far as even telling you that you can’t achieve the goals that you set out to achieve. If they did the latter, all that they’ve done is simple make your life a whole lot easier because now you know who to ignore and remove from your social circle. Anyone that doubts your potential and doesn’t believe in your ability isn’t worth your time.

Place everybody who doesn’t have the same ambition and drive that you have at a very far distance. These people will slow you down if they get close to you, they’re toxic to your goals and their presence isn’t necessary. Although sometimes it may be beneficial to have some of them in your pocket for what they can offer, make it your mission to not be with them for a lengthy period. Ensure that if you truly believe that you might need them to make your life easier you’ve drawn a line as to where your engagement ends, and it should be a very fine line. One of the best feelings you’ll ever have is ditching someone who you know adds no value to your life at all, letting someone like that go is probably the best and most healthy thing that you can do for yourself and your goals.

People are worth letting go. Nipsey Hussle said, “If you look at the people in your circle and don’t get inspired, then you don’t have a circle. You have a cage.” Those are words to remember when you choose who your company will be, although sometimes it’s about more than your company, it’s about where you are.

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  1. Powerful and so revelation in the time we’re living in of being so dependant on “squads”. Loved this👌💯

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