Why You Should Never Spend time Around People You Don’t Like

A firm belief that we have on this website is that you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do. The ability to choose is something that we all have, although sometimes we don’t realize that and we end up forfeiting that right to choose. In this article the type of choice is simple and it’s your choice to understand that as much as everyone won’t like you, you don’t have to like everyone as well.

Our hope is that you’re someone that’s able to have independent thought and isn’t influenced by what the majority chooses to believe. Now if that’s definitely who you are you should be pleased with yourself because that means you’re able to choose who you’d like around you and who you don’t want anywhere near you. However if you find yourself being someone that usually listens to what the majority say, it’s best that you begin by defining the type of person that you’re likely to admire, that person should resemble you or the type of person that you’d like to become in the future. Now if the people you meet or the people around you don’t resemble that character then you shouldn’t feel compelled to like them or even converse with them. Don’t forget as well that some people that you’ve met before don’t keep in touch with you for a reason and sometimes it’s because they don’t like you.

Looking at the people you’ve met throughout your life, how many have you still kept in touch with. Be honest with yourself and think of about five people that haven’t really interested you or haven’t thought similarly to you, do you still willingly spend time with them, we’d hope not. Not liking everybody isn’t a bad thing at all, if anything it simple enhances your ability to choose, which something we all need to be able to do, choose. You need to be able to choose who you’d like around you because these people determine who you are and you can never be happy if you’re surrounded by a bunch of people that you don’t like or admire. When you look at the people you spend time around and you feel that you don’t have much admiration for them, what happens if you continue to spend time with them is that the life, joy, expression, hunger and freedom gets sucked out of you and you become somewhat lifeless.

Now what happens when you spend time with people that you like… well, quite a lot actually happens in your life. You become more confident for starters, the space that you’re in allows you to be yourself because you’re with like-minded people that meet the type of qualities you seek and therefore you also become more productive. Productivity will lead to another quality and that quality will lead to even more qualities and it’ll all be because you decided to choose spend time with people that you like. This isn’t the same scenario for everyone, different people value different things however the process is still the same. A counter argument would be someone asking a question like, “what if the people you like don’t like you?”

Here’s a decision that you’ll have to make; either I make them like me by compromising who I am or I make peace with the fact they don’t like me and acknowledge that I can find people with the same qualities that I admire in them and hopefully they’ll like me. We’ll repeat that not everyone will like you, therefore keep this in mind when you make your decisions. Whichever you decide to make regarding how you respond to the people you like not liking you back should be fine with you and represent who you are. However, if someone doesn’t like you, you might want to ask yourself why you want them to like you and if that reason is more valid than the reason why you shouldn’t care then you should go ahead and compromise who you are, although, compromising who you are will say quite a lot about you, both to yourself and to those around you.

When there’s so much to like about yourself, why is it that you want other people to like you, why is it that you seek approval from other people, and why is it that you don’t see yourself as enough. Answer those questions to yourself and leave a response we’d like to know your take on yourself and the article, drop a like and of course don’t forget to subscribe.

2 thoughts on “Why You Should Never Spend time Around People You Don’t Like”

  1. Honestly this is a great article. I’m going through the “beginning to find myself” stage in life and I, a bundle of confusion, didn’t know where to start. I think God/fate led me this page. Thanks to you, I now have a starting point which is to choose who I want to be and the type of people I want to surround myself with. I’m grateful to you for that🦄

    1. I apologize for taking such a long time to respond. I appreciate your comment and I’m happy for you if you’re planning on looking to work on the people that keep around you. If they inspire you to do more and be better then you know that they’re the right people.

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