Why is Self-Education The Best Education?

Self-education, in its best definition, is choosing what you’d like to learn and creating the means to do so. Self-education really and truly is something that we determine on our own. It doesn’t need to be on paper in order for it to be official. Even though a piece of paper can be reliable it doesn’t guarantee great understanding and performance. Time and practice guarantee those two things.

The First Option

Finding a mentor is by far the best form of self-education. The most powerful thing for anyone that’s entering any field to have is a mentor. A mentor is someone that’s doing what we’d like to be doing in the future. They’re already succeeding in that area. Due to their success they can teach us how they managed to accomplish all that they have. The most beneficial part is that every mentor has made MISTAKES. But what’s so good about them making mistakes?

Well, it’s the main reason we look up to these people. It’s the reason that these people are doing as well as they are at this very moment. We admire them so much because they’ve learnt how to overcome certain mistakes and setbacks. This benefits us because every mentor will tell you all about how they failed at certain things in the past.  If they really want to test your ability to think they’ll do it subtly by telling you the mistake. However, they won’t let you know how they solved it in the end.

Is it Guaranteed?

A good mentor is your best friend when it comes to your career. Instead of teaching you according to a curriculum they teach you through real life experience. They make you implement what you’re learning. We tend to forget that the purpose of education is action. If you’re educating yourself and not using that education to improve your life, you’re no better than those who aren’t educating themselves at all. A mentor helps someone who is willing to help themselves first and possesses certain traits that make them teachable. No one ever really turns someone down when they ask to be mentored because it’s a privilege. One of the highest honors is to groom someone else and make them better than you are. What it means to your potential mentor is that they’re an inspiration.

The Second Option

Many people read books, articles, studies, etc… and honestly that’s amazing. I truly believe that reading is one of the most fun and beneficial things that anyone could ever do with their time. Although, it isn’t really for everyone because sitting down and starring at a book can get boring. Which is why and how audio-books came about and have become a massive success. Listening to someone share their knowledge with you whilst you’re doing other activities like working-out at the gym or driving back home from work has changed the way people feel about books.

Audio-books have made self-education one of the most-simple things in the world. No one can deny that listening requires little-to-no energy. A lot of people tend to be more willing to do certain tasks when they’re listening to something. Why not choose to educate yourself on something that interests you whilst you do your daily tasks. You simply pick a book, any book, listen to it and enlighten yourself a whole lot more. Whether you’re at work or the dinner-table it won’t be challenging for you to still hear anyone around you. A lot of the time we might not realize that what a book actually is. It’s someone sharing all the knowledge that they’ve gained on something throughout their life at a fair price. Only once put what you’ve learnt into practice will you realize that the price should’ve been higher.

The Third Option

At the moment we live in world where education is available everywhere. People like Dan Lok, for example, talk about learning skills and how learning certain skills are what can set you apart from many other people. “High-income Skills,” is what he calls them. He holds seminars and classes on what they are and how you can learn them and best implement your ‘High-income Skills.’ People continuously give away free, quality information that a lot of people tend to ignore.

There’re countless pages on the internet. Whether it’s video, audio or writing, they’re all available. With access to the internet no one can make excuses for their lack of knowledge or opportunity. Countless times we’re told about how great the internet is and we take it for granted. Although, if it wasn’t of service and of such massive importance then why is it considered a human right by the United Nations. Most people don’t value internet access is because they spend most of their time failing to stream free television series’ online. Trying to always see things for what they are is so crucial. It’s no secret when wealthy people say that opportunity is everywhere.

Society’s Struggles     

People love speaking about how they’re going to college or university to study. They go and get a qualification that’ll make their parents happy and proud. The most pitiful part of it all is when someone says that they’re not interested in the course they’re doing. This person is going to spend more than 3 years of their life trying to accomplish something they don’t want to do. Probably the rest of their life engaging in that practice as well.

University can be useful and a piece of paper does mean something to an employer at certain times. Not everyone drops out of school and becomes rich. That’s why safety is a safe thing. But when we realize that our lives are our own we need to do what we want to do. If that seems impossible then make an attempt to find the balance. Try to sacrifice certain leisure activities and use that time to do what you really desire.

The Thinking Point

More-often-than-not sacrifice brings about the best results. We sacrifice time for knowledge and we sacrifice today for a better tomorrow. However, never should we sacrifice ourselves for somebody else. It may be out of love or fear today but tomorrow it’ll be out of resentment.

The End

There’s more to self-education than I even know and that’s thrilling. Every day we need to attempt to learn something new that interests us. Our time is better spent on improving ourselves and our lives than it is on anything else. In this life nothing is ever guaranteed. Spend today doing what you enjoy learning and knowing about, for opportunity is something you create for yourself.

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