Who Do You Admire?


With a clear idea of what you value you give yourself the ability to choose the people you’d like to be around. In the previous article the challenge was to create a list of values that you either admire or possess and seek to rectify them. With that list of values you have the ease in deciding who you admire and who you don’t instantly.

Normally, a lot of people become anxious when it comes to meeting new people and its okay if you might be one of them. If you walk into every encounter hoping that people like you so you can be part of their circle, it’s okay. By the end of this article you won’t need to feel that way anymore.

The anxiety that comes from wanting to know if people like you is a result of your lack of self-appreciation and identity. This is why your values are really important. They give you an identity and you appreciate the person you are a whole lot more when you notice yourself living up to those values. With an identity and a great sense of self-appreciation you identify people similar to you without any hassle. You have your criteria and you know exactly what you’re looking for in anyone. If you’re paying careful attention you’ll realize that the perspective has changed.

With your identity and self-appreciation you become the person you were worrying about meeting before. You become the person to impress because you’re aware of what impresses you and what you admire. When you watch people’s actions and listen to their words you’ll always have a purpose. It’ll simply be you asking yourself if you like the person in front of you or you don’t. It’s always best that you surround yourself with people that value the same things that you value. When you’re constantly around people like that it’ll do a lot to help you achieve all that you desire throughout your life.

Your values might need you to reduce the number of people in your current circle. If ever you take time-out it’d be best to analyse your circle and see who does and who doesn’t fit your requirements. At first the thought of leaving people might seem challenging, however, it shouldn’t be. Leaving those that don’t value what you value will actually be easy, regardless of how often you see them. The upside to something like this is that you’ll realize that their presence in your life wasn’t necessary as well as how much more that interests you you’ll be able to do.

Sometimes you’ll need to make a few tough decisions in your life. With discovering your perfect circle you won’t be able to avoid making these decisions. Ensure that you understand that you might need to cut people off.

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