The ‘What if’ Excuse

Whenever you say this or hear someone say something with the statement ‘what if’ it will always be linked in one way or the other with regret or opportunity. The issue with that is those two things are linked meaning that you usually can’t have one without the other.

You don’t want your life to be a series of what if’s, one where you’re constantly asking yourself what would’ve, could’ve or should’ve been and isn’t at this very moment. When you look back just think about how many things you haven’t done, how many things you didn’t do and of course when you look back or see someone having the time of their lives doing those things you’ll think what if that was you. You don’t ever want to be the one thinking about things like what if I did this or that, however, if you’re that person you shouldn’t dwell on the what ifs for too long because they can kill your productivity and ambition.

Having regrets isn’t an issue unless you learn from your previous errors. You can regret doing something, just so long as you don’t forget that opportunity doesn’t end after just one missed chance, it continues to avail itself and all you need to do is find it the next time so that it doesn’t pass you by. It’s impossible to not have regrets by now but it’s possible to still be holding on to something that you didn’t do from years back. In essence what we’re saying is that you’ll certainly regret something, however, choose to learn from the mistake you made by not taking the opportunity, prepare yourself for the next opportunity that you’ll get and when it arrives don’t make the same mistake that you made before.

Something about life that you need to understand is that it goes on. That blew your mind didn’t it, if you didn’t know this then it should definitely have done so. Life will always move forward, it all depends on you and if you’d like to continue to move forward with everyone else or stay in the past alone and live with what ifs in your head all the time. Choose to stay in the past and all you’ll experience is depression and sadness because all that you’ll be thinking about is how you managed to mess up and miss what could’ve been the greatest opportunity, which will cause you to despise yourself more and more until, of course, you won’t love yourself anymore. All that we’ll say about loving yourself is that you should never stop doing it and it’s crucial because it determines who you are and what you become, remember that.

Don’t be the ‘what if’ person. If you want your life to be a fairy tale you shouldn’t forget that in every fairy tale there’s a tough period that’s experienced, however, in the end it’s worked out and nobody dwells on the past. People end up happy when they succeed and solve problems and not when they constantly think about their regrets and mistakes.

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