In a desirable world we might want to believe that everyone around us wants to help us succeed. It’s an amazing thought and if it were true it’d be grand, although only when we seek that assistance do we discover a harsh truth…

Naivety is something that is prevalent in many of us at first. For us to have expectations and occasional high hopes is only normal. Especially when dealing with those we know or those with a positive reputation in relation to what their duties consist of. A real pity is that when we’re looking to achieve something and would require assistance we realize a truth. Occasionally you can win-over a particular person and convince them to believe in your vision. Although, that takes good knowledge and understanding of what that particular person’s true underlying desires are. As much as we’d like to believe we know our friends and family very well, there’s always going to be a part of them that they don’t openly reveal.  

The struggle

One of the most difficult and annoying things that we encounter quite often is trying to receive assistance from anyone. If the task is big it’ll definitely be difficult. However, what’s most annoying is getting someone to do a task you’re aware is simple for them to do. The annoyance builds up because in your head you know very well how great they are when it comes to doing what you need done. You’ve seen how it isn’t difficult nor is it time consuming for them.

A simple example of this is with someone that I know quite well. This person is very good at doing drawings and designs. All I simply asked of them was that they style-up a five letter word for me. Needless to say I asked for this to be done over a year ago and I still haven’t received anything today. Of course we need to try to always pay attention to the personality traits of the people we’re looking to work with. Although I would assume the blame should be on me as well. For I didn’t invoke in them the desire to do what I had asked.  

The lies

Earlier I stated that people have a reputation for being of service to those in need of assistance. It’s always good to believe that people have the best intentions in mind and they’d be willing to help. You think of the church and how it gives off the impression that it’s all about giving to anyone in need. You look at platforms and how they try to give off the impression that they’re open to all. and that they want to see people succeed in their ventures. These places promote themselves doing this and we tend to believe what we’re shown. But now, what happens when you try to receive assistance from some of these reputable people or organizations…

It’s easy to be deceived when you see one person or a group receiving something. What’s difficult is finding out what the real reason is that made that event occur. Think of the phrase “Give and You Shall Receive,” what it should actually be instead is “Give in public and you shall receive.” Although, why would I say this?

The truth

No one ever does anything for anyone else that won’t benefit them in any way. You can always convince someone to do something for you. Although, you’ll need to tell them how it’ll benefit them more than anything. Helping people publicly increases public appeal. That’s why charities always hold public events that are greatly advertised. Companies as well, always have cameras and journalists around when they make donations to the less fortunate. Some charities never receive any form of assistance ever again. Whereas the positive image of the one-time-givers remains forever in the minds of the public.

Maybe I’ve spoken too much about businesses or organizations. Therefore, let’s think about home and what would make you do more than your other siblings. You could say that you’re the more responsible person hence your actions. You can surely justify yourself with a million reasons as to why as well. However, simply ask yourself who you want that responsibility to matter too. Please don’t move any further without answering that to yourself. I can assure you that deep down your answer is on the lines of impressing your parents or any of those around you. Sometimes it might even be that you’re trying to show that you’re the better spawn. That means that you accept the responsibility in order to receive praise, dependence and trust. You act in order to be appreciated and noticed and you act, for a reaction.

The Lesson

Something that I’ve also had to learn the hard way is that you don’t need people to do certain things for you. People tend to help you after you’ve helped yourself. I don’t believe we’d be helping anyone if we did all the work for them. We wouldn’t be helping ourselves either. It’s only natural for us to want to see other people helping themselves before we help them. If your expectations are that someone should do all the work for you, you should reconsider your thinking. It’s always best to begin something yourself so that you have something to show anyone that you’re looking to get assistance from. People are always looking to listen to those that bring something they’ve done to the table because they’ve shown initiative.

The thinking point

However, a really sad truth is that people can listen to you and understand your point but still not help you. You’ll probably be confused as to why that is and that’s understandable. I’ve experienced that before. All it is sometimes is that the people don’t believe in you or in what you’re doing. This happens to a lot of people. Robert Kiyosaki, the author of all the Rich Dad Poor Dad books was turned down by many people. Publishers didn’t believe in what he was saying about housing and how to manage your finances. Unfortunately for them they only realized that he was right when it was too late.

From a business perspective the publishers that refused to fund the book really lost. Robert Kiyosaki went on to fund his books himself and they’ve sold over 10 million copies. People didn’t believe in his ideas and he proved that they were wrong to do that. Take from this example that people not believing in us shouldn’t cause us to quit or give up. When we practice something for long enough and guarantee ourselves of thee outcome nothing will be able to stop us. When it comes to belief, having it in ourselves and what we offer is the most important thing ever. Believe in your in flyness…  you know how it end.

To rap this article up I’ll simply reiterate that it’s more about us helping ourselves before seeking help from others. Believing in ourselves even when nobody else does shows true strength and character. Remember to always try your best to have people wish they helped if they chose not to before.

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