The second sacrifice

Each of the sacrifices that we’ll discuss should all be challenging to deal with and for some of you this is what might be hard to let go of. Sacrifice isn’t easy nor is it simple however, if you’re looking to achieve something great you’ll have to put your social life on the side for a while.

If you’re someone who doesn’t mind being alone you’re in a good position when it comes to this article. Solitude allows for productive thinking, the peace of mind obtained through silence and time spent with self is pivotal for creativity and progression. Yes, company is nice to have around, however, you don’t need company and it isn’t a must in your life. The presence of company makes your mind busy. Now you ask, but isn’t that what I want and our response is simple, do you want a busy mind or do you want a productive mind. That’s what the purpose of sacrifice is. You sacrifice things in order to boost productivity.

Not everyone has a group of people around them with the same ambitions. You know those people around that talk a big game but when it’s time to act they do nothing. We all know those people, all too well actually and they’re the ones that you need to stay away from because they’re toxic to you and your goals. One thing that makes sacrificing your social circle and life much easier is realizing that you can do more without the people that you hang around. The thing about toxic people is that they get into your head and you can’t get them out of it. You’ll find yourself paying a lot of unnecessary attention to issues that don’t concern you at all and because of that you’ll waste a lot of your time which you could’ve spent on improving yourself.

It’s time to think long and hard. When was the last time buying booze made you money, when’s the last going out with your friends saved you money, when’s the last time you actually did something that benefitted you or better how did your so-called-circle react last time you chose to do something for yourself at the expense of spending time with them. This is why we stated earlier that it’s better for you if you’re the loner or the reject because that’s when you won’t really have to make some of these sacrifices that are here. Don’t think that there’s a limit on your circle either because family falls into that as well, you need to sacrifice that part of your life too. You’re going to have to be the rude person that says that they won’t do something because what they’re working on is more important and you’re going to be despised for it. Never feel bad for doing choosing your dreams over doing something that you don’t want to do. Regardless of who it may be that asks you to do anything for them you should remember that you always have a choice, although some with consequences, you still have a choice.

The point that you should’ve gotten from this lesson is that not everyone will like you when you’re doing things for you and you can’t please everyone either so don’t try to do that. Now, on to the next the third and final setback.

What Did You Take From This Article

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