The Power Of Leverage

The key word when playing smart is leverage. Leverage is what you use to place yourself at a greater competitive advantage or as is famously referred to, it’s giving yourself thee upper hand. If you want to ensure that you succeed at something, you need to always make sure that you’re being smart and that you’re always leveraging any available resource you have at your disposal that can help you achieve what you want to achieve.

Before I go any further I have to state that you need to be competitive at almost everything that you do. Whether it’s in class, during sports, on social media and especially with your wealth, you need to be competitive. Everyone is your competition but first you need to compete with yourself, beat the “you” that you were yesterday because that’s what will allow you to compete with anyone else. If you weren’t making any money yesterday, you simply have to make something today and after that the desire will only increase when it comes to making more and thereafter you’ll soon be finding ways to compete with other people around you in terms of creating wealth. Now back to The Power of Leverage.

In order for you to know how to leverage something or to even have any form of leverage you must have some knowledge about what the situation at hand is. Research is very important, you need to do it regardless of what the field is and how small or how large the risk or reward might be. You always need to do your research. The research you do increases your awareness and that awareness becomes what you use as leverage. I’ll repeat that, research increases your awareness and that becomes what you use as leverage. Understand this, always keep it in mind and act in accordance with it because this short phrase is one of the major leaps towards understanding the use of leverage and playing in a smart manner.

It’s always disappointing to see someone who could be something great settling for mediocrity due to their ignorance. Mediocrity is the result of ignorance, but of what exactly, of assistance, and it’s a consequence of the ego of someone who believes that they know it all. Here’s a little secret; the reason why you’re doing better than people around you or people might be or are doing better than you are is because of doing research and implementation of it – reading, listening and most of all, using any and everything that is learnt to achieve success. When you have leverage you’re immediately ahead and you can only improve, look at almost every smart celebrity out there, they’re leveraging their fame to create more wealth, almost everyone that’s becoming big has some form of leverage.

It should be clear that leverage can be just about anything. You can leverage people, objects, apps and even emotions. Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, what you’re going to leverage will be different and it should be relevant to what you’re doing. The internet is the biggest gift but still a massive amount of people don’t know how to leverage it and use it to their advantage. There should be everything that anyone would need to help them get ahead, whether you pay for it or not, people are always offering ways to get ahead in life. Another secret: if you pay to learn something, quite often you’ll never regret it because if someone is charging you then it should definitely be worth-while, so long as you pay enough attention. If you look in the right places and invest your time wisely, instead of watching continuous hours of series and reality shows, you’ll end up realizing how much you can use to achieve more and how you can achieve the different things that you’d like to achieve.

Before I finish I have to say that using leverage to get ahead isn’t cheating. Instead, all that it truly is is being smart, proactive, aware or street-smart because you know what you want and how to achieve it the right way. Let those who are ignorant continue to be that way, let them believe that the world will favour them every time and let them believe as well that the minimum effort that they’re putting in is enough, whilst you work smarter and more efficiently than they do. All anyone will see is you sore and they’ll never know how, regardless of whatever they’ll say, you knew the power of leverage and you made it your own, something that everyone else failed to do.

They say knowledge is power, don’t forget that in order to have leverage you need knowledge and when you put that together, leverage is power. When you have leverage, you have power and that power will open doors, create doors and sometimes create doors just to open them. It’s a competition and you need to always make sure you have something up your sleeve.

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