The Need To Be Competitive

You always need to win. Forget about participation. No one cares about anyone who isn’t first or on top. If you’ve never won at anything and everyone around you makes that seem like it isn’t an issue then that’s your biggest problem.

Losers will always say that it’s about participation and not winning. If it were about participation and it wasn’t about winning then why are you celebrating when you come first and everyone else isn’t or better yet why do those in first place celebrate whilst you don’t when you’ve lost. If it were about participation then there wouldn’t be a need for awards, there wouldn’t be any sense of pride in victory and nobody would be working hard enough to be victorious at anything. Someone who believes in participation is just a complacent loser that won’t achieve anything major instead all they’ll do is settle for mediocrity. Honestly sometimes it’s hard to notice but when people are trying to console you, they’re just making things worse by telling you what you feel like you want to hear and not what you need to hear. The longer that you listen to the wrong thing, is the deeper it gets imprinted in your mind, until you end up believing that settling and losing is okay and that all that matters is participation, which is nonsense. You need to want to win and be thriving to win.

In almost every situation that you encounter you should give it your all and look to always be on top. A competitive person gets all that they need to get done, done and they’re aware that victory is always the most important thing. Victory of any sort is what should drive you and when you understand that it’s more than “just a game” or “a meaningless sparring”, that’s when you’ll begin to do more, work more and challenge yourself more. The truth is that you’re always competing with someone whether it’s official or unofficial another truth is that you know this and whatever little thing that matters to you that you accomplish either faster or better than someone else gives you a great sense of pride and joy which you don’t show. Being competitive is something that you shouldn’t mind showing, regardless of what anyone will say about you, keep being competitive because only losers have an issue with winners and their mentality. They’re afraid of what they could never be.

When you’re competing with others keep in mind that there are levels or stages. You don’t compare someone that’s on their stage 4 whilst you’re on your stage 1 because they’re way ahead of you and they’ve been doing what they’re doing for a longer time. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t catch up quicker or even catch up at all. All that it means when you have people who are ahead of you is that you have motivation. A truly competitive person is always smart and before moving into anything, they’ve already done their research and have managed to give themselves some form of leverage in order to outperform those that began the same course before them. The use of that leverage is what truly competitive people use to win. Every winner knows that in order to win you have to work really hard or do things really smart. Losers do neither of the two and that’s why they tend to not achieve much.

To be competitive is a gift that only a few understand. It isn’t a feeling that’s for everybody and it’s also why not everybody wins or sometimes even competes. The reason why industries have giants is because those giants surpassed their competition, made themselves the best, made themselves the titans that they are today and that was all due to the mind-set of their leaders. I take it that by you reading the content from this series you are a competitive person and as you continue to move forward you put everything into action and if you aren’t as competitive yet, continue to follow this series and by the time it ends you’ll see a change in yourself. Being competitive, using leverage as well as the next part in this series to gain the upper hand…

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