The Influence Of People

At every stage of your journey, they’ll be people around you that are supporting you. As stated before, these people are the most important part of what you offer and if you offer them something that is of real value to them, they’ll stick with you and make sure to let other people know about you as well. Surely, by now if you’re still reading this you’re either someone who’s started something or someone who would still like to understand even further how they can win when they start.

What people have is power and you already know what that is. You’re given that power when you have people on your side that are following you, supporting you and engaging with you. You can do a lot alone in order to promote yourself and get the results that you would like to have. However, when someone else says anything positive about your brand to other people, it goes a very long way towards increasing your reputability as well as increasing your audience. The best part about this is that people do it for free, so long as you’ve helped someone in some way through what you’re offering or if people truly desire what you stand for, they’ll always try they’re best in order to help, especially if they believe that you aren’t doing as well as you should be. 

To you, people should be everything and getting them to love you and what you do should be what’s in your head most of the time. Something that very few people know is that if you’re trying to build a brand, you shouldn’t expect that the people that are from where you’re from will be your greatest support. People tend to listen to those that they don’t know or those that aren’t from where they’re from. That’s why it becomes very difficult for some people to take off or even have their brand become a classic. It’s because they create something with the false belief that everyone around them will buy what they offer and continue to purchase every new product they launch thereafter. However, that’s nowhere near true, instead the opposite happens and you find yourself having inconsistent sales which lead you to believe in yourself less and less until you retire your brand.

Another sad truth is that the people you sell any of your products to are the same ones that represent you and if they don’t look up to par, that ruins the image of the brand. Of course that seems obvious, however, at first all that anyone ever thinks about it is maximisation of profits because that’s why people usually start things. It should never be the main reason because it’s the one way that a brand loses value quite quickly (and people can tell if something is made only for profit). Two things you need to always keep in mind: If everyone has something then it isn’t a luxury and if everyone can get what you offer that means that it’s cheap, and nobody really wants something that’s cheap. A brand should be wanted by people and not the other way round. When you play things smart you’ll use the fact that people want to want something to your advantage and what they want is what they can’t have.

Go about selling things to people differently. In order to get people interested in what you offer and wanting it more, you need to take time before you release something. If you believe in something greater than money, then you shouldn’t have an issue when it comes to playing the long and smart game. Draw people in, have some established people don a noticeable piece of your clothing for example, however, without them saying anything about it and ensure it’s always the same piece. When those noticeable people post their photos, at strategic times, there’ll be a lot of raised eyebrows, all belonging to those who’d like to have what you’re offering. A number of about 10 to 15 people in about 3 – 6 months. Most importantly don’t make the mistake of limiting your reach to people in your city, town or state.

Start something when you know what you’d like for it to become in the end. Ask yourself am I really seeing the big picture or better am I thinking bigger picture?

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