The ‘I’m not ready’ excuse

Now this is just a stupid thing to say or even believe and if you do believe something like this then you’re definitely not in the right headspace to do anything meaningful with your life right now. Don’t worry about not being ready to start.

Here’s something that you should keep in mind if you’re ever sceptical about doing something new; you will never be 100% ready to start anything. The reason why people tend to improve as time goes is because when they begin something they know that it can still be improved, they can still do more and when you see that they’ve improved in what seems like a drastic way to you, it’s only minor for them because they’re making their prior vision a reality. People who act don’t worry themselves when it comes to readiness, they understand that initially they’ll do their best and with time they will improve and understand their field better.

It’s impossible for you to be ready for something that you haven’t done, however all you can do is prepare. Don’t forget that success doesn’t occur instantly therefore you can’t dream of being a successful anything with a massive following in just one hour or one day; good things take time. When it comes to preparation you shouldn’t take this lightly, never take this lightly. How you begin will determine how the people around you believe you’ll continue when moving forward, hence, preparation is very important, in fact it’s crucial and you need to give it a lot of attention if you would like to be in the best position when you begin something.

For those who’ve prepared and want to stop telling themselves that they aren’t ready to act, here’s your answer, make yourself accountable. Tell people about what you’re going to, put up a date and stick to it. Now everyone that you’ve told is waiting on you and if you’re someone who keeps their word you’ll certainly go through with your plans without making any excuses regarding how ready you feel. What accountability does is that it pushes you to act and to believe in yourself as well as what you offer, therefore if you’re ever thinking about stepping about of your comfort zone, however you find yourself afraid to do so, find people and let them know about, make yourself accountable and that’s when you’ll do what you want to do.

Tell yourself that you understand that you’ll never be ready to start something and that’s when you’ll start it. You won’t do anything perfectly and improvement is what’s most important and mostly appreciated. Therefore remove the ‘I’m not ready’ phrase that’s prevalent in your head and choose to act and if you’re still struggling just make yourself accountable.

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