The ‘I’m not good enough’ excuse

Take this in and feel it when you read it. You’re good enough, you’re better than good enough, in fact you’re great. Nobody deserves what you know is meant for you more than you do, all you need to do is believe in yourself a bit more and you’ll realize that you can destine yourself for greatness.

You’re the only person that can determine how great you become. What a lot of people don’t see is that they build barriers around themselves and in doing so limit what they can achieve and how they can grow. You need to believe in you because if you don’t nobody will. Anything that is about you should start with you, therefore start something great, do what you’ve always wanted to do because you don’t want to be the person that will always say that they wished that they had believed in themselves a whole lot more. What constitutes ‘good enough’ in your eyes and why don’t you feel like you’re good enough?

We hope that you do try to truly believe that nobody is better than anybody else. If you’re ignorant you’ll make up an excuse and definitely have a chuckle whilst whispering a rebuttle to yourself as to who’s better than who for whatever reason. The irony with this kind of thought is that you do it in favour of yourself as well, you put yourself on a pedestal when you see someone that you believe you’re better than and you choose to believe that you’d be better suited either for what they have and you don’t or for a certain position. Behaviour is a funny thing, when you pay attention to it you realize how much of a hypocrite you can be and how much you kill yourself with your actions. Pay attention to your actions because they’ll determine how much you can achieve.

Not thinking you’re good enough has to do with your mind and your beliefs. You change the way that you think and you’ll be able to achieve more. To see if some people are you’re definition of good enough to be doing what it is that you’d like to do you should read their entire story. When you read someone’s biography you get to realize that they’re not born special, their story isn’t special and yours can’t be any different. What you see about different special people, like Steve Jobs for example, is what people choose to share with you in order for you to think even higher of these people and view them with great awe, however, when you choose to dig deeper and truly learn more than the five sentence stories that you see daily on social media, you realize that these people were average. Keep your eyes open when it comes to some things because you need to be able to spot people who’re simple putting up biased statements

To finish this article off we’ll ask that you tell yourself that who you can be is only limited by what you believe you can achieve. Your mind is a powerful tool, you simple have to use it the right way and look at things for what they truly are and not what you think they are. Don’t forget that it’s better to know, therefore, you should ask.

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