The “I can’t” Excuse

From the beginning it is and will always be an issue of can I do it or can I not do it. A lot of the time people choose to believe the latter because it’s the easier one and they don’t believe in themselves as much as they probably should.

It’s no secret that believing in yourself isn’t easy, in fact it’s very hard and that’s regardless of your position in society. The more confident person that you’d like to resemble, that person isn’t always that confident and they also experience their doubts when doing something new. Everyone experiences doubt and that’s normal because nobody knows what’ll happen in the future. However, you need to be able to look past that doubt and have a vision that is unobstructed by your low self-belief. The key word when talking about action is belief and you need to have that in yourself, start it off small and with time you’ll have it in abundance.

When you say that you can’t do something, it’s simple you just being lazy to think. The second that you tell yourself that you can’t do something, what happens is that your mind stops trying to figure out how you can achieve what you’d like to achieve and it becomes dormant. Therefore, instead of trying to give every excuse as to why you can’t do something, you should think of every reason as to how you can achieve what you’re trying to achieve because that’s the only way that you’ll be able to achieve it. It’s always about the mind and training it to behave in a constructive manner. It’s you that determines how you’re mind operates and you can either change your mind-set because it isn’t constructive or you can remain the same person, that’s totally up to you to determine. 

You should always ask yourself why you’re choosing to believe that you can’t achieve something instead of telling yourself why you will achieve it. Next time you set a target or a challenge for yourself, you should give yourself every reason as to why you’ll be successful and why you won’t fail. Choose to tell yourself that you’ll succeed because you read, you’ll succeed because you’re working in a smart manner, you’ll succeed because you have leverage and any other reason you can think of that’ll give you confidence and motivation. Sometimes your reason can even be shallow however just because it’s shallow it doesn’t mean that it can’t be true. Understand that what we are saying isn’t that you should jump into something and it’ll work out if you’re positive, what we’ve said is that if you prepare yourself accordingly and work to your strengths you shouldn’t be believing that you can’t achieve what you set out to achieve.

Barrack Obama had the slogan ‘Yes we can!’ and yes, he did. Choose to look at things differently and believe in yourself a whole lot more than you do. Remember, if you’ve prepared, studied and understood, there’s no reason for you to ever say that you can’t.

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