The Gift Of Understanding

Someone who understands their current position is someone that has an idea of what they’re doing. When you understand, you have the gift that enables you to know about your industry, exactly what is in need and of course how to offer that unavailable need. You know that you can do a lot and it’s only a matter of time before you do.

Those who understand know that with time the results that they’re looking for will come about as a result of their hard and smart work. Understanding is linked quite closely with patience. Patience is not solely waiting, however, what patience is, is waiting with the knowledge of something that will happen for your benefit in the future, near or far, that those you’re competing with don’t know anything about. The reason why people that are understanding work hard and it seems like it’s for nothing is because these people see the bigger picture and know what they need to do in order to get to where they’d like to be. You need to understand in order to be persistent and what allows you to be persistent is that you know that you have leverage (if you don’t realize why I say this, you need to go back and read the first 3 stages of the series). 

The ability to understand your industry allows you to know enough about it in order for you to get ahead. The leverage that those with a great understanding utilise is far more effective and efficient when compared to that of someone with basic knowledge, so much so that people who might’ve been in the same industry for longer don’t achieve as much as those with understanding do. Some people spend 10 years doing something that they don’t understand and receiving minor returns, whereas there are those that achieve equal results to theirs or even better results in a space of a year or 2, simply because of understanding.

It’s not a good thing to jump into some things immediately, especially when those things are engagements that require quite a large amount of investment. An understanding individual knows what they’re getting themselves into when they begin a new journey and they’ve likewise got a specific image of what success is to them. For those particular reasons determination comes easier and consistency isn’t hard to maintain. You should always know that when you start something, you need to work smart and hard in order to achieve what you set out to achieve. Success isn’t always guaranteed nor is it ever instant, before you do attempt to do things, you should be prepared to fail and you should be prepared to deal with the failure of certain things that you do. Failing is unavoidable and everyone does at a point, however, all it means is that you made the wrong decision and the next time you need to make the right one. Be able to understand that you aren’t the only one that makes mistakes and you’ll never dwell on that at all whenever you do.

Lastly, you need to understand your competitors. At first you’re your own competition and then you can compete with other people. If you offer something that isn’t offered by anyone else then you’re bound to prosper, especially if what you’re offering is a need. There’s more to it than just being different, in different industries you need to do different things and they should all be for your benefit and the betterment of other people’s lives. An important thing to always keep in mind is that in order for something to thrive it needs people, it needs an audience or consumer base and as much as, you’d like to be the most important part of what you do, the reality is that the people supporting and paying attention to what you’re doing are the most important people. Without the audience what you do becomes useless. The audience is the most important piece of everything that you do and for that reason you should be putting it together that you need to work your audience and provide them with what they need, whether they know what that is or they don’t…

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