The First Sacrifice

You never realise how little of this you have until it you try to start something. You can view many different pages on the internet and they’ll tell you different statistics about time and how little you have of it. However, you’ll only notice it when you’re old or when you see someone doing what you wish you had done.

Your time is your greatest asset and if you’re investing in assets that means you invest your time. An investment in your time is done through reading or viewing, practicing and implementing everything that you learn. Not everyone wants to excel in the same thing and because of that we all use our time differently. Before you go further you need to be honest with yourself, whether you’ve been following the series or this is the first article that you’re reading, is what you believe you can achieve more important to you than anything else. It should be, especially if you’d like to say that you’re ready for sacrifice, because believe us when we say, sacrifices aren’t easy to make when you value anything more than you value your goals, however, if your goals are what you value the most, then sacrificing other things will be easy for you.

You see your time goes by quickly. You have 24 hours in a day to be productive and do what you can to make your life better. You can use these 24 hours strategically in order to make the most out of them and that’s where time management comes into things. You’ve already identified what matters the most to you, it should be what will benefit you the most and allow you to live the lifestyle that you’ve always desired. Since you know what matters the most to you, you can now shift everything else aside, this is called prioritising and it allows you to use your time very wisely and effectively. Don’t forget that you determine what’s most important to you, the day that binge watching series on Netflix or drinking at pubs every night allows you to gain the income that you need to live a lavish life, then that should be the day that you prioritize that. However this is the real world and by doing anything that’s similar to that, all you’re doing is wasting your time.

We believe that you’re someone who’s ambitious, to us this means that you have big goals and you’re going after what you value. You’ve done your research, set your sights quite high and you know that you’ll need to sacrifice your time, however, are you doing enough or are you doing the bare minimum. Now suppose you’ve begun something, you’re results determine how much time you’re putting in to what you’re working on and the most important thing with time isn’t how much you use, it’s how effectively you use that time. People can be awake for 18 hours in a day, however, if they don’t use that time effectively they’re wasting it. Effective usage of time bears results and completion of a task, someone who completes a task in 20 minutes does more than someone who’s still in the middle of their task after 2 hours. Getting things done is using time effectively, don’t forget, if something is incomplete then it hasn’t been done. Don’t be afraid to get things wrong, we get things wrong as well, but we learn from those things and we don’t repeat them. Something we’ll write about later is that you should never feel unable to improve on what you did before.

Improvement should be the one thing that you spend your time working on. Improve your understanding, increase your knowledge and all in all use your time more effectively. Sacrifice your time alone and sacrifice your time with others as well.

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