The Benefits Of Having A Bully Or Bullies

Ever had to experience someone that’s just constantly been on your back, giving you a really tough time every single second that they’re around you and sometimes pushing you as far as even shedding a few tears. You probably hated this person and if they’re still around you, doing the same thing to you, you probably still hate them. Although, you really shouldn’t hate them at all and here’s why…

A bully teaches you a very valuable lesson about life that not many people will learn immediately. A bully teaches you that life isn’t going to be all rainbows and sunshine, but it’ll instead be a whole lot of heavy rains and storms, sometimes even tsunamis. For this reason you need to be grateful for having had someone who gives you a tough time. They’re making you tougher by force and depending on how you respond to this they could be increasing your ability to solve problems. Solving problems is something that according to Mark Manson, the author of the book ‘The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck,’ is what makes us a whole lot happier as people. Now, the upside to realizing how to deal with this problem that you have a whole lot earlier, effectively and efficiently is that you’ll know how to handle other scenarios that might be difficult for you in the future in a much swifter manner. Therefore, think of a bully as a practice-run, a storm and your objective is to simply get through it. But how is the question?

That’s where you’re eyes come into the situation, it’s time for you to be a bit more aware; this is for those that truly believe that they “can’t” stand up for themselves. If that’s your situation, if you truly can’t stand up for yourself then you’ll have to change who you are and how you are. In the school setting, you’d need to give yourself a physical advantage or find a way to situate yourself with people that are more socially accepted and envied because those are the people that nobody really ever picks on. Those are simple solutions that’ll probably take you some time to achieve however they’ll work out in the end. The reason why we won’t go into detail about those actions is because we’d be giving you too much and the purpose of this article is show you that the true benefit of bullies is that they teach you to not only to be tough but also how to solve problems, of which, they are. With bullying you always simply have to find the answer as to what’ll make someone stop what they’re doing but the problem with a bully is that a bully will bother you and bother you and they’ll never get tired of it.

According to studies it’s very hard for a female to find to fall for a male that’s always being bullied. For a woman it’s a matter of safety and if her spouse can’t stand up for themselves then what’ll happen when she’s being attacked; something to think about. But it’s the same for females as well, you’re partner might not respect you as much if you’re always looking vulnerable and being picked on by people all the time. It will affect your love-life as well if you’re week. Be stronger and you have a higher chance of finding a spouse, be weak and soft and your chances decrease.

In essence, what you should take from a bully is improvement of self. Become stronger, you stand up to someone successfully only once and it’ll stay with you for life. You won’t ever be picked on by anyone because you’ll have the confidence in yourself, confidence that’ll move into different parts of your life and allow you to live freely. All because of one person or a group of people that gave you a tough time, you’ll live your life a whole lot easier and happier, with a great sense of pride in yourself for solving a problem that not many ever manage to solve. And, of course, the rest of the dominoes that were kept up by your lack of bravery will fall, all for you to welcome the new better you. Don’t forget that you can move away from your problems but if or when they choose to follow you again, you should face them head on. Standing up for yourself will never be bad for you and the ability to solve an issue as bothersome as this one will always make you happy.

There you have it, embrace your bullies because what they are to you is a gift. Make sure to stand up for yourself as well in order to live a happier and much easier life. Lastly, if you enjoyed this article and found it helpful you should make sure to share it with other people and let them also read it. Don’t forget to subscribe below, our target is 1500 subscribers by the end of this year and we’d love to reach that number, thank you very much for reading.

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  1. I have being there, and it is worst if you are refugee being bullied by a native.

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