The Ability Of Persistence

Now persistence isn’t something that everyone has, some people prefer to either, settle and give up or not try at all. To thrive you need to have persisted, you need to have believed greatly in something and in some instances you might even believe in that thing more than you believe in yourself. 

You can’t be persistent when doing nothing. The belief is that if you’re on this third stage and you continue to read this series, what you’re doing is either planning on starting something or you’re in the process of working on something that you started doing a long time ago. At whichever stage in your journey you’re at, you need persistence and you need to be persistent because only people who are willing to continue to move forward despite any current misfortunes make it to see themselves achieve their goals and targets.

As someone who’s yet to begin they’re journey to success, I’ll repeat, you need to do your research before you start anything. It’ll put you ahead and allow you to not make the mistakes that are made by a massive number of people. Understandably, starting something is the hardest thing to do, especially when compared to just having idea’s because those never really accumulate to anything. However, when you do start to do something it doesn’t become easier for you, in fact the opposite happens. You might enjoy what you’re doing a whole lot more after you begin but you’ll also experience a range of different emotions, some of them good and some of them that can be detrimental to what you’re working on. It’s best to know how to deal with your feelings and emotions, you might not always hear what you need to hear when you need to hear it and that’s a test. It’s a test that you need pass but it’s very hard to do so because you won’t know that it’s happening. When you place yourself in the eyes of many other people, you’re bound to think twice about your decisions and being as human as you are, you will bring yourself down and consider making the stupid decision of quitting. Quitting without seeing out your vision is very stupid, lazy and it states a lot about the person that you are to everyone else that watches you quit.

The biggest problem that you’ll have is dealing with your mind and emotions because they determine how you feel and what you’re actions are in accordance with each other. Forget about people, whilst you’re on your rise the only people that you need to care about are those that are rooting for you and, yourself. A lot of the times what’s in our heads isn’t what’s really true therefore, you need to change your views if they’re what’s destroying you or holding you back. Persistence, after all, is all dependent on your mind-set, you need to really want something and be able to look past anything in your way.

To be persistent you need to be confident in yourself. You need confidence in your ability and what you have to offer. A persistent person will never look down and defeated regardless of what they face. The ability to find different ways to make things work in your favour becomes one of your greatest skills when you’re persistent because you understand that there’s always a way to see past things, even though at this very moment that way doesn’t seem quite clear.

Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been in an industry for a while, financial gain always has to be a part of what you’re targeting. Sadly when you’re beginning something you won’t make as much and that’s another test, are you willing to work hard and receive little to no reward? If you are then you’re persistent, however, if you refuse to work for nothing, then you’re better suited for a 9 – 5 job, one without risk and with somewhat greater assurance. However, the issue of profit isn’t limited to solely beginners, even people deep into their maturity aren’t making enough profit and really for them it’s simply due to a lack of leverage and the wrong mentality.

A poor mentality is what holds too many people back and what keeps them from achieving what they could achieve. A person with the right mentality is a person that uses leverage to put themselves ahead immediately they begin and they continue to make opportunity work in their favour. Sometimes it isn’t a matter of how long you’ve been doing something, instead, it’s a matter of what you can offer…

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