Rushing, The Fifth Setback

This is the worst thing that you can ever do and it’s the result of having too many high expectations which don’t come to anything. You’d like to succeed and you’d like to do it now, however, there’s nothing like that, there’s no get rich and get big today trick that you can use.

The issue with people who rush is that they only envision themselves achieving in that moment and they don’t think about anything before or after. You find someone dreaming of having tens or hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers, and they find ways in which to “make” that happen on the internet. They find them and give them a try, sometimes even spend money on these things, getting cool gimmicks and all, just to look the part and follow what they’re told by those who are where they’d like to be. The pity about that whole thing is that the people who are teaching you and telling you how to do things quick are the same people that took time to get to where they are. You should remember the statement, when you pay for something you will receive what you need to know in order to succeed, however, if something sounds too good to be true and it’s free as well, then it isn’t worth your time because it won’t really be beneficial for you.

If you’re someone that believes that in a day or in a week you can achieve what it takes some people 2 or more years to achieve and you’re starting from the base with nothing or very little, you’re confused. Regardless of how well you know your area of expertise, you’ll never be the most successful amongst your peers over one night or even six. It takes time and you need to be willing to wait and play a longer game than you’d like to. If you believe in what it is that you’re doing then surely you should be able to spend months building it and making it exactly what you thought of in your head and now have images of, all over your room and workspace. Be determined to wait because that’s when you won’t get frustrated, you won’t decide to cheat and most of all, you won’t decide to quit. 

You see with time things come about and they begin to work in your favour. Of course that’s if you make things work in your favour, which takes you back to having leverage, the one thing that will always guarantee that you come out on top in every situation. You place leverage with understanding and you realize that what you’re using to put yourself ahead will serve its purpose, although not instantly, but all in due time.

You will never become an overnight success, there’s nothing like that and there never will be. Who you think might be an overnight success is that for you who knows less about the person’s journey, whereas that particular person knows exactly how much they had to wait. It’ll always take time, you need to learn to be patient and not believe everything will work all too easily.

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