Low Self-Esteem, The First Setback

This starts before you make the decision to do anything, especially when it’s the first time that you’re doing something. It’s very easy to imagine yourself sitting in a fancy home, living a lavish life and doing what your heroes are doing, however, it’s a totally different thing when it comes to actually believing that it can be you in that position.

People who have a low self-esteem are often dreamers. These are people that can do nothing more than wish that they had better lives. Dreamers never do anything due to the fact that they always bring themselves down by telling themselves that they’re not meant for greatness or that they can’t achieve what it is that they’d like to achieve because of either the one or one million reasons that don’t allow them to do so. The stupid mind-set which people possess that makes them believe that they’re special is what leads to negative thinking. Really and truly, not everyone is paying as much attention as you’d like to believe they are to what you’re doing, so you need to stop with the self-sabotage talk.

You need to be aware that you aren’t special until you do something that makes you special. Don’t forget that believing that you’re special is what makes you place pressure on yourself even more. You need to forget about anything that you believe is holding you back, being that this is about self-esteem, ignore what people think about you now and what you believe they’ll think about you in the future because that isn’t true. In whatever you do they’ll be people that will support you and have your back, regardless of whether they’re there right now or they aren’t. I will remind you as well that you shouldn’t expect to instantly succeed and you shouldn’t expect that all your support will come from people that you know, because it won’t and that should allow you to not have it mess with your self-esteem.

Don’t tell yourself that everyone who’s doing something major or minor at this very moment always believed in themselves and knew that they’d make it. A lot of the times it isn’t anything like that at all, self-esteem is an issue that everyone faces, from the beginning and throughout. What people do in order to increase or elevate their esteem is that they choose to look at the positive in every situation and they also understand that if they continue to work in a smarter way that involves research as well as its implementation, patience, understanding and belief, they’ll achieve what they’d like to achieve.

Everyone isn’t always assured as to how things will pan out, all that you can do is place yourself in the right space to succeed, elevate your esteem and stop being afraid.

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