Is Less Really More?

Is Less Really More?

Given the option to choose between quality and quantity which would you honestly take? It’d seem obvious that the answer should be the former instead of the latter. However, it isn’t often like that and for some reason you find yourself seeking quantity more than quality.

Those who find themselves constantly seeking quantity don’t really desire a perfect circle. They instead desire praise, recognition, admiration and even a sense of strength. Most of these we all seek and with more friends you might be able to feel you have all that you desire. A large circle might make you more confident as well because it could, in some way, elevate your status. Honestly you could actually choose quantity over quality. At this point it seems like quantity is allowing you to feel the way you want to feel. More is always more wouldn’t you agree?

Well, that all depends on you and what you want. With more it seems as though there’s everything that you want, although, there is a downside. Too many people means too many thoughts, too many opinions, too many disagreements, division into smaller groups, too much wasted time, too much dependence on the group and so much more that this list could be endless. Hence, this causes one question to arise: Is what you seek a feeling or a truth?

If what you seek is a truth then less is what’s best for you. From the second that you listed your values and then determined the type of person that you admired you surely found that the people you genuinely desire reduced. It’s inevitable. Quality isn’t something that’s in abundance it’s something that’s rare. You determine if someone is quality because you’ve defined what quality is to you through what you value.

With the people of quality that you’ve chosen to have around you your circle is smaller. You might even feel a bit rude and lonely at first whereas there’s no need to. With less people around you can improve more, personally. Think about basketball, if 2 truly committed basketball players remain and train against each other everyday they’ll improve immensely both in attacking and defending. If you add 2 more players the first 2 will do less, although they could now improve tactically. Now if they keep on going up by another 2 players the first 2 won’t really be doing much at all, compared to when they started. That’s how you easily see the value of quality over quantity. When the numbers increase the workload decreases, the improvement decreases and if there’s an uncommitted person the desire decreases.

What you receive from having a few quality people around you is more than what you receive from just having many random people around you. With the quality people the feeling that you have is real. In the perfect circle nobody is looked down upon by anyone else and every positive thought in your head is what’s true. Keep in mind that your values might leave you with little to no one to spend time with initially and that’s especially if you value traits that aren’t common in many people that are around your demographic.

The only challenge that you have from this article is deciding if having less is really better than having more. Based on your list of values this decision is yours to make and if you’re confident enough let us know which side you’re on in the comments. Thank You.

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