Fear, The Second Setback

A truth that everyone needs to accept is that at some point, they’re afraid. Fear isn’t solely limited to danger. One of the most feared things in this world is risk. People fear risk and it keeps them in their comfort zone.

Now, you should’ve stepped out of your comfort zone or you’re just about to do so. If you know that you aren’t going to do that then leave this article because this series isn’t for you. For those who aren’t ready to stay in the same place, don’t allow your fear and wariness of the unknown to ever hold you back from doing something. From keeping up with this series you already know what you need to do in order to place yourself at an advantage when you begin and as you progress throughout this series you’ll learn one of the most important things that will allow you to be at peace with what happens to you that you can’t control. Back to fear though…

What fear simply does is place you inside a cage. The cage can be opened at any time, although the only issue is that you don’t know that you’re the only one who has the tools required to orchestrate your escape. Fear, like all of the possible setbacks, is faced by everyone. Those who choose to face their fears head-on are the ones that used their tools and now they’re even more prepared to deal with other fears that come their way. It should be about your mind-set, your will and your desire to do what you intend to do.

You need to really ask yourself, what it is that you’re afraid of. If you know that you should’ve produced something and yet you’re still stalling then ask yourself why that is. Are you afraid of judgement, of success, of failure or of discrimination, whichever one it is, just know that you won’t please everyone and people will always have something to say. That’s where the previous article and this current one link, what was stated before allows you to be better prepared to deal with fear because now your esteem should be at the point that it needs to be, in order for you to face your fears. Put everything stated before and now into practice and you’ll be set to conquer and face.

You’re getting rid of your old, fearful self and becoming a new person. You’re beginning to understand that your fears are meant to be faced and they aren’t even your greatest problem. Your biggest problem is failure.

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