Failure, The Third And Greatest Setback

When it comes to failure there are no survivors, you cannot escape from it. Everyone fails at something and you will never be able to avoid this. At almost every single thing that you can do, you will fail at a point. However, when you understand that failing can be a good thing, you’ll always welcome it.

Think of failure as a sign that you’re moving forward, that you’ve gotten out of your comfort zone and you’re being more adventurous. When you take risks you’re living a more exciting life than you were before, because excitement comes from trying new things. Don’t forget everything that you do for the first time can constitute as a risk, regardless of how major or minor it is. You want to believe that you’re living on the edge, that your life is exciting, because it means something to you when you’re doing that and really and truly living like that needs to be what you’re aiming for. By taking minor risks when you’re doing things, you get comfortable with the whole process, failure in doing things becomes something that begins to concerns you even less and when the time comes to take a major risk, you’re already comfortable with not being in total control of what happens to you next.  

The last thing that you can ever do when you fail is give up. A lot of people try things and they fail at them. Remember since you’ve been keeping up with the series you know that you need to have leverage, which is power. The knowledge that you’ve gained regarding what you’d like to do will make you’re journey easier, however, it won’t always be a smooth journey and you will encounter hard times when you try something and it doesn’t work out the way that you’d hope it would. However, when things don’t go the way that you’d like them to, that’s the truest test, how you deal with not succeeding, especially when you’ve been succeeding from the beginning. That’s actually when it’s hardest, when you’re dealing with something that you aren’t used to happening and this hits you the hardest when you don’t know enough about what you’re doing.

Having the proper knowledge of what you’re actions are or will be in the future allows you to reduce your chances of unnecessary failures. Research allows you to avoid failure in certain areas and it also informs you of important things that you need to take note of in order to not make mistakes and in order for you to benefit immensely from almost everything. Since you don’t want to fail, you’re definitely going to do your research on the different fields that you’re in. One of the most crucial assets to have is a mentor because you’re journey becomes infinitely simpler and smoother, especially when compared to that of someone who doesn’t have one, or someone who uses internet video sites as their mentor, because those have their limitations as well.

It shouldn’t be an issue when you fail and that’s the reason why in the title it states setback, is because that’s all that it should ever be, a setback, not a reason to quit. What causes a lot of people to quit due to setbacks is that they always have expectations.

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