Emotions, The Seventh Setback

Emotions can either work for you or they can really work against you and make you really value yourself a whole lot less. Your task is simple just knowing when to embrace certain emotions and when to disregard them. To achieve this task, you need to truly be aware of what’s happening when it happens.

Emotions have a way of getting the better of you when you don’t pay enough attention. It’s very easy for you to go from being really happy, proud and excited to feeling demoralized and worthless, all in matter of minutes. You need to be prepared for fluctuations because you’ll experience a lot of those when you’re on your journey. Our advice to you is that when you’re feeling down you should pretend that everything is alright and tell yourself that you’re doing the right thing because that’s the only way that you’ll be able to continue. Don’t let anyone ever see you feeling down either, consoling isn’t something that you need instead what you need is what you should already possess and that’s your elevated self-esteem. You see emotions aren’t forced upon you, they’re decided by you.

You always have a choice, whether you want to feel a certain way about something or you don’t, you still have a choice. When someone does something that you don’t like or appreciate, and then you get angry or feel insulted, it’s all a choice that you’ve made to make yourself feel that way. Learn to pay careful attention to how you treat yourself, especially with regards to your emotions. Due to having an elevated self-esteem, you shouldn’t mind what others say to you or about you and what you’re doing. When it comes to your emotions you need to choose to believe in yourself, tell yourself that you’re confident and that people need what you’re offering. When you’re confident in what you offer it’ll become very difficult for you to ever feel disappointed or saddened by anything that can happen to you regarding what you’re working on.

You shouldn’t need validation in order to keep on doing what you’re doing. Compliments will always make you more determined to do what you’re doing and you’ll always be happy when you receive them, however, they won’t always come and if that’s what you’re looking out for in order to keep you going, then you’re going to have a massive problem. The reason why esteem was spoken about a few stages prior to this one was because you should be valuing yourself by now and you shouldn’t need other people to compliment you in order for you to continue to do what you’re doing. Place your emotions in your own hands and make yourself responsible for what you’re doing.

Your emotions should never control you or what you do or even how you feel. When it comes to your emotions it’s about your mentality and that’s also influenced by those that you choose to keep around you.

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