Dream-chaser Time

Every time that you get enraged by someone or something, taken to or even beyond your boiling point due to frustration, where nothing besides what angered you is on your mind, there’s one thing to always remember, however what is that one thing?

For a long time it never dawns on us that there’s an upside to almost everything, an opportunity that we just need to open our eyes long enough for, in order to see. Anger is no exception when it comes to chance as it carries a benefit like no other, a benefit that’s crucial when it comes to adding even more value to your life. When you look back at any of the times that you’ve ever been angry, what’s been the recurrent end-result? Let’s have an example, imagine yourself at Walmart doing some shopping, what happens when you’re wearing your favourite pair of white sneakers, the limited edition, Off-White/Nike collaboration and someone purposely steps on you and dirties your shoes leaving a massive brown stain on your best pair of sneakers. You’d be furious wouldn’t you, especially if you spent time cleaning them yourself, and now, for someone to be spiteful and purposely damage your belongings, that’d surely leave you enraged and understandably so. Now you’re angry, those shoes took time to clean and your hard work’s come to nothing, but what do you do?

Normally you’d start heating up and if you aren’t in control you flip and have an exacerbated response to the whole situation. You might even want to get physical with the person for what they did and in all honesty your actions from that point onward would all certainly be justifiable. You can choose to go ahead and start a fight and waste that gift that your anger gives you or you could choose to take a step back and channel it. You could try to leave the situations that have angered you, however, maintain your current state of mind because at that exact moment you’re experiencing something I refer to as ‘Dream-chaser Time or DCT for short.’

Dream-chaser Time is when you’re filled with extreme anger or annoyance, your concentration is solely on one thing and you’re more determined than ever before. This is the best time for you to do anything that you ever thought of doing before but never had the courage to do or kept pushing to a later date. Think about the incident at your local Walmart, with the sneakers and how you would’ve responded during that encounter, but this time imagine yourself choosing to step back and leave, choosing to use that DCT to work on what you love, what you dream of doing/becoming or anything that you really desire. Think about what you’d be able to get done with all that determination and how much focus you’d have due to your concentration as well, nothing would be able to kill your spirit because at that very moment nothing like that is on your mind, instead what’s on your mind is only how well you’ll do and how good you actually are.

This concept has been in the works for works for the past 3 years and has never failed me. It was ago 3 years ago when I was placed on the bench for arriving a few minutes late for a football game after class. Arriving on time was beyond my control and the game had already begun. Whilst changing into the proper game kit a few critical comments about the state of the game were shared. Hence when I arrived my belief was that the coach would throw me into the game immediately. However, the coach saw this as an opportunity to make an example of me to the rest of his teammates and show that no matter how good you are there will be no exceptions made for you, and no amount of apologies were going to change his mind. The game continued and it was still a stalemate, which infuriated me more as a striker. The coach was determined and he didn’t let me get into the game. When half-time came I figured that since the game wasn’t changing it’d surely be my time to step in and make a difference, the coach had other ideas. I had been warming up for quite a while and still there was no difference. The upside for me though was that my coach hated losing or settling for a draw, it infuriated him. Hence he made a substitution and placed me on the field.

At that moment I was enraged by how long he had put me on the side and who he chose to play over me. Therefore I figured that I’d give him a good reminder of how good I was and win the game. All my attention was on one thing, I was focused and determined to prove a point and the one main thing was that I was angry at the coach as well for taking such a long time to place me on the field. I got in that game and I scored the winning goal, it was a 1-0 win and I didn’t celebrate that goal, but the coach did. I had done what I intended to do which was win the game, show my value and prove a point. Using ‘Dream-chaser Time’ I had accomplished all that I set-out to accomplish and after the game I was no longer furious. The coach didn’t give me any praise for the difference that I made and that didn’t matter, praise wasn’t what I was after, I had done my part. One thing to note as well was that at this point I had no idea of the benefits of using DCT to my advantage.

A crucial downside of DCT is that it doesn’t last forever nor does it last long either. The fact that it doesn’t last for a very long time is a good thing because presumably nobody would want to live a life filled with constant anger. However, that does mean that you need to be quick when realizing it, making sure that you always take a step back and channel that rage into the activities that you enjoy or would like to give a chance to. Just try to think about what you can use DCT for, imagine how much you’d be able to get done. When you decide to go ahead and try the concept you’ll be surprised by how much you accomplish through using DCT effectively. Action, which is productivity, is always going to be very challenging and wherever we look we’re told that we need to be productive in order to succeed 

The sheer amount of focus that you’ll have, as well as your determination, will truly astound you. You’ll see yourself enter a productive and decisive state where you truly believe in yourself and in your ability to outdo anyone, meaning that you do become very competitive although more reserved. To truly experience DCT you need to have complete acceptance of your anger and yet supress it and keep it controlled, which can really be a challenge. Telling yourself that you’re angry however you won’t overreact is all it takes, you simply say to yourself, “I’m angry, however not everyone needs to know this and I’ll use this anger to do more.” When you’ve managed to convince yourself that that’s true, only then will you be able to experience DCT effectively.

Many of your leadership qualities will come to show as well. The idea of DCT is that its anger used constructively. Anger allows you to voice your honest opinions easier, when you utilise DCT to its full potential you’ll be in so much control because when you come to think about it very carefully it’s emotions that usually get the better of us. In total control of yourself, you allow yourself to also be able to listen and to sympathize with other people as well as get your point across to other people. You allow yourself to let other people speak and if they say something that isn’t correct you wait for them to finish before putting your point across accordingly. The need for argument at this time would be irrelevant and will do little to assist you in any way therefore you’ll find yourself avoiding it by any means.

You’ve probably noticed that when you get angry your adrenaline levels increase and you get a massive amount of energy. Which again is something that can benefit you immensely, I mean, just imagine using all that energy to focus on achieving a task or starting something. You’re in a space where doubt doesn’t exist. You’ll notice that you can achieve more when you’re angry than when you’re happy because happiness allows for distraction whereas anger brings about better concentration. It’s good to actually thank yourself for choosing to be angry as well as acknowledging that your anger is your own decision. To experience DCT you’ll simply need to try your best to follow all that’s been written about before as well as trying your upmost best to remember this.

DCT when used effectively gets you further ahead than you were before. Try to give it an attempt the next time that you find yourself angry and let me know what it does for you and what you noticed about yourself that you didn’t know before. If you’ve experienced a situation similar to this of DCT before I would ask that you share your story with me as well as it’ll really be beneficial to this website and other people as well in the future. Thank you for reading and please make sure to always share anything that you find of value that I write with other people that you know.

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