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Much-like everything that goes on in your life it all has to do with you. Everything about you begins not from without but instead from within. The best place to begin on this journey you’re about to take in this series is right here, defining the most important person in your life.

When it comes to the perfect circle only you can determine what that is for you. In this life that you’ve been given this is one of the very few things that are all about you. Defining yourself before doing anything else makes identifying your perfect circle easy. It enables you to work on being the kind of person that you attract. Think of the common phrase that goes, ‘You attract who you are.’ When you don’t know who it is that you are everything becomes more challenging, hence it’s imperative that you define yourself first.

The best thing you could do to define yourself is create a list of personal values that you admire. On that list first place what you value, without any external influence. Make sure that you’ve placed everything that has to do with the person you’re aiming to become or already are. Assuming you’re aware of whom, what and where you’d like to be in your future you can add the values of all the people that you look up to for what they’ve already achieved. When you have that list you’ll need to ensure that you try your best to honour those values and keep yourself accountable.

With that clear image of the person that you’d like to be you’ll see the world differently. Stick to your values as well and you’ll attract people with those similar values. If one of your values is working hard at what you love you’ll see other hard workers start coming towards you as well. Remember that you attract who you are and when people see your actions they form opinions of you. You do this as well to other people just that you probably didn’t do it with a purpose before.

For beginning this series on the perfect circle here you’ve really placed yourself at an advantage. Many will join at a later stage and might not grasp everything how they should. Having read this first stage, challenge yourself to create this list and attempt what you’ve read here. You’ll immediately notice how things will change in your head and your life.



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