Being Too Naïve, The Sixth Setback

To believe everything is true, that’s something that everyone would like to do and that does involve you. Don’t let yourself become that person that believes everything and doesn’t think about any chance of a negative outcome occurring, it will occur. Move into something that you understand.

The biggest issue for those who are naïve is when they’re moving into something. A naïve person tends to follow every trend and believe that it’ll work in their favour and they’ll benefit immensely from it and that they’ll benefit immediately. They discredit the work of others by believing that what they do is simple and can be achieved in a short period. Like the previous stage stated, nothing happens in a short space of time.

Nothing is easy either, if you believe that it’s easy to achieve a lot, then you need to reconsider your beliefs. When you come into anything you should understand it and be more knowledgeable about the field. Make sure that you’re aware of why you’re doing something, what the end result will be and why you’re doing what you’re doing. That will serve as a guide and a part of the motivation that will allow you to persist when things aren’t looking up for you. Not getting to know the field makes you a gambler. You become someone who’s going to leap into everything and place all your chips in. You don’t want to be a gambler and play the game of odds because there’s a very good chance that the odds don’t work in your favour.

Try being an eager person instead of being a naïve one. Eager people want to learn, they want to act and they’re determined to achieve. An eager person can be naïve as well, although, they’re more informed when it comes to doing things. You see, when someone is eager to do something and they’ve been following everything in the series thus far, they should’ve become aware by now of what they need to do in order to get things done and the mentality that they’ll be adopting is that of somebody who is always seeking something more and something greater. They comprehend the ups and downs that they’ll experience and how often and quick things can change. Due to that, they’re not going to be let down and pity themselves whenever something doesn’t go their way, however, what they’ll do instead of feeling down is find another way to make things work in their favour.

Now you’re going to move into stages of internal issues which will set you back if you don’t check them. The first of those will be dealing with your emotions.

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