21st Century Lessons and Living is blog about life in the 21st Century. It’s been created with the purpose of assisting and sharing lifestyle advice/guidance and travel experiences with an ever-expanding audience. The content that is published on this blog is determined entirely by you, the audience. Published on the 22nd of February officially, by Bongumusanothando Simelane, a 18 year old teenager born on the 21st of March. I live in the Kingdom of Eswatini, where I’ve been based for a large part of my life. At this very moment I’m beginning a part of my legacy and it’s beginning with something new which is what I’m trying to do every chance that I get. I’m looking to always do something different instead of repeating the same thing all the time. Having been helped online by so many different people, whether through them sharing their opinions, advice, experiences, failures or successes with an audience, in order to assist people live simpler, more fun and exciting lives, I’d like to do the same as well. We can all add value to the lives of other people if we try to. With 21st Century Lessons and Living, it’s more than just one persons voice, instead it’s that of a community. Nobody knows the answer to everything but we all do know something and it’s always a pity when you don’t think that your voice can influence anyone else and make their lives a whole lot better. Thank You for reading this short introduction. Please do head over to the blog page and read more about 21st Century Lessons and Living. Please also subscribe to 21st Century Lessons and Living, your support is the most important thing in order for this blog to continue to succeed. If you would like to contact 21st Century Lessons and Living please send an email and we will get back to you.